Current Location:
Decatur, GA USA

Also Known As:
Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Luna Versus You
Pop Up Trailer Park 

If you ask Richard Parsons what kind of music he makes, you’re not going to get a straight answer. Which in his defense is an excusable response when you consider that he has released albums under at least four different band names as the sole songwriter, performer, and producer. The likely answer that you’ll get from that question is “I make music”.

The works released under his own name tend to lean towards the heart-wrenching ballad genre, influenced by the likes of Aimee Mann, Neil Young, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, and a myriad of other bands that apparently all pile up in his head to create songs that are as comfortable with a full band lineup as they are in a stark-naked solo context.

Regardless of what style of music it’s laid over, it’s his voice that will win your heart. It is strong, soulful, honest, and delivers, whether on record or on stage.

“a voice that drapes his lyrics with an extra coating of soul”
-Denton Poteet – Little Advances