Jan 4 2013

Every Year Is A Good Year For Music…

…and here are some albums that I enjoyed the ever-loving shit out of in 2012.
I can’t call this a ‘best of’ list, fuck that, we all have our own opinions, and different music affects us in different ways.

These are the few that really got to me in that best way possible.

This short list includes friends, heroes, even older heroes, and new heroes. In my opinion, they are all heroes.

the breakups – running jumping falling shouting

The Henry Clay People – Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives

Stars – The North

Soundgarden – King Animal

Uncle Green – Rycopa

Feb 5 2011

RPM Challenge 2011

I just posted the first three songs I’ve done for the RPM Challenge. It’s been fun so far, I love walking into the studio with a completely blank mind and walking out with a fresh new song at the end of the day. I’m recording under the name Pop Up Trailer Park and you can listen to what happened in the first three days here: http://bit.ly/eIVLGT